Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

Tell your doctor about medications you regularly use before hair transplant. Since Aspirin and some other painkillers increase bleeding, they must be discontinued at least one week prior to surgery. If you have a chronic illness, share this in detail with your doctor.

Smoking causes circulatory impairment, disrupting nourishment and recovery of hair. For this reason, we suggest to stop smoking for one week before and after the hair transplant procedure.

If you drink alcohol, do not consume alcohol for 3-4 days before and after the day of hair transplant.

Do not dye your hair, cut your hair too short, apply hear gel on your hair or use hair spray before hair transplant. If you use a wig or extensions, do not attach them. If necessary, patients will be informed before hair transplantation on how hair should be dyed. It will be more appropriate for us to shorten your hair on the day of surgery.

On the day of surgery, wear clothes that you can comfortably remove, with buttons or a zipper, such as a button-up shirt or a jacket. If possible, come with a hat that fits loosely on your head.

Have a breakfast in the morning on the day of surgery. If the operation is in the afternoon, have a light meal for lunch.