Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

Right after hair transplant, we prescribe the medications to be used by the patient for one week and we inform the patient on their use.

In order to avoid swelling on the patient's face, we recommend lying on the back at a 45-degree angle and resting for the first 1-2 days after hair transplant. If you can, try sleeping on a reclining armchair. If there is still swelling, do not worry. It will definitely pass in a few days.

Avoid exciting activities that raise blood pressure, such as walking, bending over and sexual intercourse on the first day. Do not exercise during the first 10-15 days after hair transplant.

Do not play with transplanted hair with your hands. Do not scratch the scalp and pull out the scabs. Do not use a hair dryer during the first 15 days. Do not use any drugs or cosmetic products on the transplanted area for about 45 days. Do not dye, and do not go into saunas or sun beds.

If you need to work in a dirty environment, definitely wear a hat on your head in the way that we show you during the first 3 days.

Be careful not to bump your head anywhere. Avoid strong sun rays that will delay recovery of your scalp and actions that will cause a trauma (hitting a ball with your head, etc.) for 4-6 weeks.

The first visit is 2-3 days after surgery, where the bandages are opened as well. If patients live far away, they can remove the bandage themselves. We inform our patients in a practical way on how to wash and care for their hair during the first 2 weeks. From the 3rd day onward, patients can start washing their hair in the way that we describe. The scabs on transplanted hair will slowly fall off during washing and will be completely cleared within 10-15 days.

A part of transplanted hair strands will start to fall off 2-3 weeks after surgery. The majority of transplanted hair temporarily falls off within 1-2 months. The reason for this loss is that hair roots stop producing hair and they enter a resting period to recuperate after hair transplantation. After the resting phase hair that fell out before, starts to regrow within 2-4 months. When new hair is growing, acne-like swellings along with itching can appear on both implantation and hair collection areas. This is not an alarming situation. The reason for this is that grafts that are embedded under the skin try to break through the skin and come out. In this case, all you have to do is first consult your doctor and then burst the tip of the swelling as if popping a pimple, without squeezing too much, and by adhering to hygiene rules.

Almost all transplanted hair will come out within 8 months. The hair strands that are curly and feeble in the beginning will gradually become straight and thick. This thickening will continue until one year after hair transplant. If a second transplant on the transplanted area is desired for densification, it will be appropriate to wait for 8 months to pass for the 2ndsession.